October 1, 2009


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August 5, 2009

Fluent | Logo

( *refer to Fluent | Product Magic Realism under Print section* )
My idea for this is to be "fluent" by joining two different typefaces: Serif and Sans Serif to read as a whole -- not being able to notice that it is 2 different typefaces at a glance, therefore explains fluency.

Fluent | Product Magic Realism

( *please refer to Fluent | Logo in the Identity section* )
This was a made-up product and marketing for "Fluent" -- a made-up name. I had to be really creative on inventing this product, so I based it on real world experience.

We are in a world that is held by language barriers. Travelers or business people come and go to various countries and most have trouble communicating with those that do not speak in their native language, therefore making it harder for them to achieve their needs or goals. Sometimes war and violence can also be caused by language barriers of misunderstanding. It may also be bothersome for some of us to be talked about in a language that is foreign to us. To overcome these problems, I have created Fluent as a product/device that will help in listening and speaking in various languages no matter where you are, and this product will be the solution to a world of one communication.

So my concept for the brochure and packaging is "translate and communication," like using the device itself to communicate the message -- being able to speak and understand Korean and English when using the "blue and red" films based on two people's conversations with completely different languages. Easy to use and it is there.


Similar with the translate and communication idea, the poster is based on two people's conversations starting in English as the words slowly mutating and transitioning into Japanese.

July 23, 2009

Harvey Mudd College | College Brand Identity

The concept behind this mark is to "envision the future" from the three studies Harvey Mudd offers: Mathematics, Engineering, & Science, therefore explains the forward movement of the elements with the contemporary and technical approach. I use a similar color palette of its original logo to keep some of their equity. The three diagonal bars above the line also represents the letter "H" for Harvey and "M" for Mudd, and the bottom bar is added to complete "C" for College, thus making this mark and brand identity useful and recognizable to represent and communicate the school visually and conceptually, as well as approachable and aspirational to those who are seeking a college to achieve their dreams.

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